Good Deeds

My 100-word Christmas story for 2022.

Good Deeds
by Lester D. Crawford

I looked. No one was there. Still, I felt someone was watching me.

It’s been a terrible year. My day job sucks, and this feeling of being watched makes me concerned I have mental health issues. My volunteer work helping people and the community is all that’s kept me going.

I looked again. A shimmering red and green and silver and gold Christmas dragon stared at me.

He said, “I have been watching you. You have been performing good deeds. Performing good deeds is the purpose of life. Continue performing good deeds.”

Then, he was gone.

Yep, mental health issues.

Audio version.

Years ago, Loren Eaton at I Saw Lightning Fall inspired me to write a 100-word Advent Ghosts Christmas story. Now, every year, I write a 100-word Christmas story. It’s always fun.

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  1. Loren Eaton says:

    Love that last line, Lester! Truly funny.

  2. I think your mental health may actually be improving, Lester. You got to the halfway point in your Advent Ghost story this year before using the word “dragon” and you only used it once in the whole piece.
    Good Deeds was still really good. I always look forward to reading your contribution to Loren’s event.
    The audio version was excellent too.

  3. Scott says:

    Definitely chuckled. That was a fun one.

  4. LOL “Yep, mental health issues.”

    That made me smile, thank you 🙂

  5. Dave Higgins says:

    Exquisitely realistic