Give a Dragon a Cookie

Give a Dragon a Cookie
by Lester D. Crawford

Jane noticed sitting on the windowsill an arm’s length dragon that shimmered red and green and silver and gold.

“You’re beautiful. Here.” She gave the dragon a cookie.

The dragon chirped, took the cookie, and flew away.

When Sally entered, Jane said, “I saw a colorful dragon.”

“Those are Christmas dragons.”

“New to me. I gave it a cookie.”

“No! It’ll bring others. Quick, run.”

Sally and Jane ran out of the house.

An ever-growing flock of iridescent dragons descended on the house covering it until it collapsed under the mass.

Jane said, “Lesson learned: Don’t feed the Christmas dragons.”

This is my 100-word Christmas story for 2019.

Stories submitted by other writers are here Advent Ghosts 2019: The Stories.

Years ago, I was inspired to attempt writing a 100-word Christmas story by Loren Eaton of the I Saw Lightning Fall blog. I tend toward long stories, so a 100-word story seemed like something I might not be able to do. I began typing, finished the story, and had exactly 100-words. I was surprised I did it first try. (Read it here. Click 100-word Christmas Stories to see all of them. Some are better than others, but they were all fun to write.) Now, every year, I write a 100-word Christmas story. It’s always fun.

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  1. Loren Eaton says:

    And here I thought it was bad enough to feed mice! Very nicely done, Lester.

  2. Well done, Lester.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you are descended from Vikings.

  3. Yvonne says:

    100-word stories are amazingly easy to pen. And it’s a good exercise for those of us who have trouble “killing our darlings”. Love your Christmas dragons!

  4. Fun and also creepy!

  5. I loved it! My wife kinda, sorta, says the same thing about me when we’re around people. “Don’t encourage my husband, he’ll only get worse.”

    Worse, I just call it “fun.”

    Thanks for a wonderful story!

  6. Connie says:

    That sounds a lot like me and cats.

  7. I want a Christmas dragon!!! I won’t feed it cookies though.

  8. Linda CASPER says:

    That would be my worst nightmare!