Revision Excitement

After setting it aside for almost three months, I returned to a short story I wrote as a writing example for a workshop application. Even though the story did not earn me one of the limited number of workshop slots, I was pleased with the story. I am excited to return to it and do more revising.

My writing method involves an iterative process. I begin with a high-level design of the story. As I make repeated passes through the story, I add depth. As the story nears completion and more effort goes into revisions as opposed to creating new material, my excitement level increases.

Some writers say they enjoy most the initial creative process and that the final steps of revision they dread. I also greatly enjoy the initial surge of creativity that goes into writing a story. Nevertheless, once the source material is created, editing and revising to perfect it is where I have the greatest joy.

What part of writing gives you the most joy?

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