The Dragon’s Curse

The Dragon’s Curse
by Lester D. Crawford

On Christmas Day, howls arose in the hills, howls of anguish, of loss, of death. The grief contained in those howls washed over the village. In the Great Hall the villagers gathered to escape the pain.

“Sing, everyone sing before our souls are lost to despair!”

They knew from where the wailing came: a heartbroken Dragon. No love is greater than a Dragon’s love for his rider. The most heartrending sound ever heard is the keening of a Dragon whose rider has died.

A Dragon is long lived, meaning he outlives his rider. That long life is the Dragon’s curse.

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  1. Unique and moving. Thank you!

  2. James Witmer says:

    Haunting indeed. This is the sting of death, isn’t it? Being left to carry on.
    Also a nice nod to McCaffery.

  3. Loren Eaton says:

    I like this one quite a bit. It’s a nice blend of fantasy and poignancy. Thanks so much for joining us, Lester.