Variations on a Theme of Green

Naming colors is like … really hard. For example, take the color green. What color is green? Well, it is like … green. Green is as green does. It is not easy being green. I am occasionally green, such as when I feel envious, or I am doing something new, or I am feeling a bit ill.

The only real way to define green is by its wavelength or frequency. I could say this color is 550 nm, this one is 530 nm, and this really cool one is 495 nm. Or, I could say I wanted my car’s color to be 565 THz, but they gave me 598 THz instead. Another choice would be to use the energy of the photon: I love the color 2.34 eV.

In my story, I had the need to name various shades of green, which was a difficult task.

“Eyes, what I remember most were the eyes. The Risirid gazed upon me with wide eyes of chartreuse, olive, aquamarine, teal, all variations on a theme of green. Amy-Ann’s eyes were different from the other Risirid. Her eyes were a saturated shade of green so pure they defined the color, a green so vivid her eyes seemed to glow, a green of gentle innocence that contradicted her intense nature.”

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