Writing is Exhilarating, Joyful, and Addictive

I have not run into anything boring because every scene, every beat reveals something new to me. I spent a lot of time up front creating back-story and character and location designs, and I created an extensive plot plan for the tale, yet I could not imagine everything. As I write, more details surface. Those revelations are exhilarating, cause a rush of excitement that makes writing addictive, and leave me wanting more.

I have an extensive idea document where I collect inspirations that often lead to future scenes. Those scene ideas are the closest I come to writing out of sequence. The idea document for my current project is almost 80,000 words. (The project is 400,000 words in five books.)

One reason I like to write in sequence is that the revelations I experience inform future scenes, and often require rewriting previous scenes. For example, I knew from the beginning that the aliens talked to each other constantly, but I did not know why. Then, in a blinding flash of insight, I realized why. In that moment of comprehension and entire layer of culture and civilization was revealed to me. I do not believe that would have happened if I had written scenes out of sequence.

Excitement for upcoming scenes does cause me some frustration as I write the setups that lead to that exciting moment. I badly want to get there. My alpha readers have also expressed a desire to get there; of course, they have been reading the setups that hint at something yet to come, but they keep having to wait for me to write the next piece.

I am currently working on the detailed plan (by mind mapping) for the chapters that cover the exciting moment. This sequence contains several of the scene ideas I collected in my idea document. Now I must figure out how to order those events logically. I have been itching to do these scenes, such as the “Bo Derik” scene that leads to the “Dragon Salivating” scene. In addition, this is where the protagonist, for the first time, sleeps curled up in his Dragon’s arms. That will be an “awe, isn’t that cute” moment.

I can’t wait. I’m getting back to work.

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