Learning about my Characters is Fun

At the beginning of the writing process, I defined my characters by creating character sheets that described all aspects of the characters. I came to know my characters well; however, it is not possible to know everything about them. As the story is revealed, many new facts about each character are exposed — I learn more about the characters with each scene I write.

It is exhilarating when new knowledge about my characters is learned. While the entire story arc was created early in the writing process, the details of how the arc progresses is dynamic and new information about the characters can lead the story to unexpected places. While still on the path defined by the original outline, the story’s details have taken amazing turns.

I now have new information that explains many things that have been happening between the various characters. This information created a completely new understanding of who these people are, how they see the world, and how they live.

This is fun.

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