Don’t Self-Reject

Don’t self-reject. Let the professionals do that for you.

This is what I keep repeating to myself: If I don’t submit, I’ll never sell a story. I say this to others as well. I’m not saying submit crap — it needs to be your best work — but don’t let the fear of rejection stop you. Even the most successful of writers receive rejections. It’s a part of the job.

I finished final edits on my newest novella in time to submit it to a market that was open to novellas for a few more hours. It was a market I hadn’t submitted to before because I had been writing short stories. Their hard upper limit on short story size meant my stories were too long. My recent stories, though, have been novella sized. They opened for novellas at the right time for me to have a fresh story for them.

I don’t expect them to accept it. I’m not convinced I write anything anyone wants; however, I have received rejections with personal comments that indicated the story was close. I think my problem is my stories are too normal. They’re not odd, experimental, or mind blowing. Many of the stories published by the various markets don’t appeal to me and I don’t write those kinds of stories. I write what I like to read.

I’m hoping for a good outcome with this submission, but I’m also preparing to submit the story to the next available market on my submission plan.

I’ll do my job and let the professionals to theirs.

High level view of the pages of my newest novella.
Pages of My Newest Novella

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