Be Good for Goodness Sake!

Be Good for Goodness Sake!
by Lester D. Crawford

“Hello. I’m the Christmas Dragon. My name is Thin Air.”

The startled kid said, “What’s a Christmas Dragon?”

“I help Santa.”


“You know the list?”

“Of who’s naughty or nice? That’s not real. Santa’s not real. Santa’s never left me a gift.”

“Because you’re always on the naughty list.”

“I’m not naughty.”

“You’re the naughtiest of the naughty. My job is to take care of the naughtiest once and for all.”

“Why haven’t I heard of you?”

“Those who meet the Christmas Dragon disappear.”

With a snap of massive jaws, the naughtiest of the naughty disappeared into Thin Air.


I wrote this story for the Advent Ghosts 2014 Flash Fiction challenge organized by Loren Eaton of the I Saw Lightning Fall blog.

Every story in Advent Ghosts must be exactly 100 words in length.

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