Antagonists Lurk

Many antagonists lurk on the path along which the protagonist travels. Some become allies, some become loved ones, many are defeated, a few remain always prowling, always waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Eventually, the protagonist learns of the ultimate antagonist who has lain hidden and unnoticed by him since the beginning of his journey, the one who is a threat to them all. But he does not possess the power to stop the ultimate antagonist. Alone, he cannot save his new found friends, or himself.

The fates of many worlds, the fates of many civilizations, the fates of many individuals depend upon his triumph. But to do so, he must unite his friends to a common cause. The quarrelsome creatures are not inclined to cooperate. Even if he succeeds in bringing together these splintered factions, he must still find the weapons that can defeat the enemy. Victory over the ultimate antagonist is far from certain.