Give Thanks to my Mother

I am in the midst of writing a science fiction/fantasy epic. The tale is a legend of mythic proportions that excites me and challenges me to my limits — never have I done anything so difficult. How did my life come to this?

My Mother was responsible for me ending up here.

When I was a child, my Mother, brothers, sister, and I lived in poverty, but Mother worked hard and sacrificed much to do the best she could for her children. The results were three of her children earned PhD degrees (I am the one hold out) and had successful careers, and I had a successful career in information technology. Mother did an excellent job raising her children.

Mother recognized my talents and interests in science, technology, and the imagination. She did what she could to encourage me in those pursuits.

My primary toy growing up was modeling clay. Mother could not afford toys for me so I had few, but she managed somehow to find the money to buy modeling clay. With the clay, I made ships, planes, spacecrafts, cities, people, animals, everything in the Universe. I could go anywhere, experience anything, tell any story. Creating play out of clay ignited my imagination.

Even as Mother struggled to keep a roof over our heads, clothing on our bodies, and food on our table, she subscribed to a series of science kits for me. Each month a new kit would arrive in the mail. Biology, chemistry, electronics, geology, meteorology, optics, photography, physics, etc. Hands-on experiments and projects introduced me to every conceivable scientific endeavor. This launched me into a life of scientific and technological pursuits.

Now I combine my imagination with my science and technology knowledge to create stories. This is my life. This is my future.

We are each the product of our nature and nurture: genetic inheritance endows us with the raw stone of our abilities and nurturing Mothers sculpt that stone into a work of art. Therefore, here I am, the product of my Mother’s genetics and my Mother’s parenting. I know Mother was proud of how I turned out.

Mother recently passed away. Dealing with my loss has been difficult and has diminished my productivity. However, I am charging ahead because, even if it sounds cliché, Mother would want me to. I will finish and publish my stories.

When published, I hope you enjoy my stories. If you do, give thanks to my Mother.