My Mind Minions

Somewhere beneath my conscious thoughts lays a hidden vault, a place into which I cannot venture, a place populated by mind minions that excogitate ideas. I depend upon my mind minions. They nurture my imagination so my stories can bloom. Without them, I am an inert splotch upon the face of the Earth. For a few years now, I have concentrated a great deal of my efforts on my current project with my mind minions working fervently to feed me fantastic fantasies.

Now I am using a majority of my waking hours to perform consulting work with my writing project having to be content with what remains of the day. I learned that my mind minions are as important to my consulting work as to my writing. My mind minions ponder the intractable problems I am solving for my client. Even when I am not on the clock, my mind minions work on those problems, searching for solutions, and giving me answers.

What I need is a portal. A “portal fantasy” is a story where a magical doorway of sorts takes the protagonist to the story world. Some people find this concept to be cliché, although I am not sure it is possible to tell a story where a person from our world finds himself or herself in the fantasy world of the story without a portal of some type. (My current project has a method for accomplishing this transport, but it is not a magical doorway.)

The portal I need is one through which I can move my mind minions to allow them to shift from solving problems for my consulting client during consulting hours to creating ideas for my stories during writing hours. Currently I do both activities sitting at the same desk. Maybe I need two different desks with an obvious portal separating them.

Now my mind minions are saying, “Hang all your Christmas lights around the door to make it look like a magical portal.” That may be going overboard.