A Work in Progress

The Dragon Universe is a work in progress.

For years, I had the basic story in mind, but not until the path of my life led me to the place where I am now did I have the opportunity and incentive to write the legend. I intended the book to be 100,000 to 120,000 words. I discovered the narrative to be more far-reaching then I at first imagined. The story world is grander and the alien characters more complex and fascinating than expected. I knew the Dragon character well, having written several unpublished works about him, but the aliens were new to me and turned out not to be what I had originally envisioned.

The first draft became larger than planned even with several areas of the story glossed over. As the second draft filled out those glossed over areas, and deepened the plot, world, and characters, the narrative expanded. I am now convinced the completed legend will be near 500,000 words, too long for a single book.

The story consists of five distinct phases. When I begin the next draft, I will redesign the structure to divide the tale into five volumes. This will make each book a reasonable size and has the advantage of permitting the first volume of the series to go to publication quicker.

Publishing is an entirely different beast. The publishing industry is in a state of flux as the magic of technology changes the world in which we live. When the first volume is ready, I will decide if I should follow the traditional path of seeking an agent to represent the book to publishers, and then endure the rejections and delays that are a part of the traditional publishing process, or go the independent route, or maybe an entirely new world of publishing will have been invented. I will worry about the details of that step when I have to make that leap.

The road I follow leads me on a journey of growth, but has contained more potholes than I expected. Progress is steady as I run the course. I will cross the finish line as the winner.

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