Protagonist is Normally the Character Who Changes the Most

I constantly have ideas; my mind meanders in many magnificent imaginary places. I collect those ideas on a voice recorder then transcribe them into an ideas document. I have one of these documents for each of the legends I have so far planned for my The Dragon Universe series. The second legend has six main characters, five of whom come forward from the first legend. As I thought about the second legend, something interesting occurred: I realized the protagonist is not who I thought it was going to be.

The protagonist is normally the character who changes the most during the course of the story. The human, who is the protagonist of the first legend, changes very little in the second legend. However, one of the aliens changes immensely. This character starts in a very bad place emotionally (as divulged in the first legend), but by the end of the second legend, she is a new person with a new perspective on everything.

I see this as a challenge, an exciting challenge. I already planned to rotate the point-of-view among the main characters so I can explore how each of these aliens see the universe and their place in it, but now the protagonist is one of the aliens, the one with the most personal problems. This should be fun to write, but first I must finish the first legend.

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