My Writing Method

My method of writing involves the following (list is not necessarily in order, or complete, and is subject to change without notice).

  • Formulate a theme, motif, and premise, and the ending that supports these
  • Identify core conflict
  • Set up spreadsheet to track everything
  • Create mind-maps to explore ideas
  • Keep a writer’s notes file of ideas
  • Carry voice recorder at all times for saving sudden ideas that pop into mind
  • Design the story arc and overall plot
  • Define the major plot points that transition between the stages of the three-act structure
  • Devise a beginning and its inciting incident that leads to the first major plot point
  • Develop various additional plot points between the major plot points
  • Formulate subplots within the story
  • Make a step-sheet to plan the incidents of the story
  • Describe the characters, including physical traits, habits, back-stories, etc
  • Ascertain each character’s ruling passion and motivations at each point during the story
  • Create an arc of change for each significant character
  • Delineate goals and obstacles and the resulting conflicts
  • Sketch each conflicts’ rising and resolution structure and the level of intensity to be reached
  • Look for ways to foreshadow events
  • Explore if any symbols are appropriate
  • Apply the stages of the hero’s journey monomyth
  • Utilize the hero’s journey character archetypes
  • Create an outline for the story
  • Write scenes and let the story reveal itself
  • As the story is revealed, plans are invariably invalidated and the planning process must be repeated
  • Reiterate the entire process continually, adding details, and looking for places to make enhancements and corrections
  • Tell the story, retell the story, write, and rewrite, cycle through the telling process until the story is fully revealed and told correctly
  • Edit and refine, and then edit and refine some more
  • Hope and pray I can get the finished book published

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  1. Paulina says:

    what do i click to read the book ? 🙂

    • Lester D. Crawford says:

      “The Dragon Universe: The Fellowship” is still a work-in-progress with more work remaining. Once completed, the book will be published in hardback, paperback, and e-book, which will all be available through your favorite bookseller.

      Excerpts from the work-in-progress manuscript can be read at

      “Like” and follow on Facebook: The Dragon Universe.